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All the efforts of Camp Victor are made possible through the hard work of volunteers. Our “angels” have come from all over the nation, as well as Canada and about two dozen other countries, to selflessly assist in the recovery of Gulf Coast communities. From doctors and nurses, to cooks and dishwashers, to distribution center and work crew team members, volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

Food, showers, washers/dryers, and wireless internet are provided to volunteers. Housing is in 6 dormitories with bunk-beds that will accommodate 212 people. Some parking spots with hookups for RVs can be arranged off site; please call for information.

Volunteer help is needed in all areas, but you must be registered first. Both groups and individuals are welcome. Please designate a group leader and have him/her follow the instructions on the Group Leaders’ page. All volunteers are advised to view our Volunteer Orientation Information and our Labor Policy.

Policies, Rules, and Requirements:

These are a few of our policies in effect at the Camp. All volunteers will receive a full list when they arrive.

Camp Victor accepts volunteers age 16 and up. Due to OSHA regulations, we cannot have anyone under 16 on a work site.

We recommend that you get a tetanus shot if you have not had one within the last seven years.

There is a strict No Alcohol and No Illegal Drugs policy at all Camp Victor facilities. Drunkenness will not be tolerated.

Camp Victor is staffed and maintained by volunteers. As such, you will be asked to perform chores around the building, including emptying trash cans, stocking paper towels, cleaning the bathrooms, cooking, and other maintenance activities.

Please fill out all Forms and Waivers before arriving at Camp Victor.


A list of jobs can be found on our Volunteer Needs page. Right now we are most in need of skilled workers to help with our rebuilding projects. We will attempt to place you into the job you are best at, but our needs change daily and you will be asked to do whatever needs to be done.


We have 106 bunk beds sleeping 212 people in 6 heated/air-conditioned dorm rooms. Dorms are separated by sex. Each volunteer should bring a fitted twin sheet, pillow and any other desired bedding.