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Questions to Ask Yourself

How do you artfully reconsider many of the most common assumptions in our society without sounding like a crackpot?

How do you shake the feeling that the little sacrifices you make are meaningless, and that you are a sucker for even bothering to care?

What is the best way to suggest that certain behaviors in our society need changing without being accused of being preachy?

How can you be an environmentalist without finding yourself automatically associated with a bunch of hippy-dippy nonsense that you don’t necessarily agree with?

How do you escape from the consumerist bullshit that is continually crammed down your throat, constantly trying to make you desire things you know you don’t really need or want?

How do you stop others from viewing your attempts to live a simpler, less consumerist lifestyle as just an excuse for economic failure? How do you suppress anger at the fact that those who “do the right thing” often face hardship and obstacles, while those who don’t give a shit are rewarded and commended for their behavior?

Why do so many of the great sounding environmental groups turn out to be nothing but money-begging machines? Is it possible to contribute at all without either 1) giving money or 2) volunteering to ask others to give money? Will I go to hell for fantasizing about punching out the Greenpeace people who beg me for money in front my my favorite coffee shop every day?

How can you have a meaningful discussion about the environment with those who are not already converts? How do you stress the importance of the environment to those who have an inherently selfish worldview? How do you prevent yourself from becoming angry with these people?

How do you keep yourself informed about reality without becoming hopelessly depressed?

How do you move beyond talking (and writing, and ranting) and into meaningful action?

Is there really any point, anyway? Have we gone too far down the wrong road now to even think about changing direction?

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