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General Motors listen up

Now is the time to change your ways. While you and the other North American car manufacturers are whining that you can’t produce more fuel efficient vehicles – and besides, North Americans don’t want them – some of us have been researching your ability to produce more eco-chic cars. Turns out GM produces Opel and Vauxhall vehicles for the European market. Not only are these cars more fuel efficient, the automaker seems to know its customers are interested in environmental issues, since on its UK website, it even lists the carbon dioxide emissions for its models. Toyota is beginning to breathe down GM’s neck, and may soon pass you for good in profits and cars sold, so maybe it’s time to change your ways. I know some North Americans who would like a chance at owning one of your fuel conserving and environmentally leaner cars. Stop telling us what we want, and let us be the judge. The more big cars are on the road, the more big cars it leads to, because some people still think a bigger car means better crash performance.

P.S. If you know any cosmetics company CEOs, you might want to let them know we’re onto them too. North America is not the dumping grounds for the lowest quality products, or at least, it shouldn’t be. Just because our governments are too slack to force companies to do what’s right, it doesn’t mean it’s okay with the rest of us.

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