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Curious Loggerhead Turtle Video

Having read Carl Safina’s Voyage of the Turtle, I was pretty intrigued to happen upon this on Yahoo!

P.S. Minister Baird, go back to your boss and get a better plan. I don’t want to live in a world where there are hippos at the North Pole. Oh right, except hippos can’t get to the North Pole without help, and it’s unlikely that any species of plant or animal now existing is much adapted to living at the equator at that temperature, so what we’d actually have is probably a whole lot less hippos, a whole lot less life at the newly scorching equator and everywhere else where animals – including people – can’t adapt fast enough. Those people working in the oil patch are just going to have to take a pay cut and go work in construction, making our newly energy efficient buildings and retrofitting the old ones. It’s easier to adopt now than to pay the consequences later, or risk being left behind economically, technologically, as the rest of the world moves on without us.

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