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How do you convince people to stop adding to climate change

So now that we’re all on-board with climate change and the fact that we’re causing it (except a few denying holdouts), what do we do about people who don’t want to make any sacrifices at all to help cut greenhouse gas emissions? About six members of my extended family are vacationing in the tropics right now, and I can’t blame them as our temperatures dip below -20 Celsius. What is a positive enticement or incentive that could be used to keep them at home, or at least keep them from flying? Would taking a cruise be better? Is there a solution that could keep them at least in the relative vicinity of snowy home, but still allow them some rest and relaxation and even some warmth? Super insulated simulated indoor beaches? I’m really lost on this, and guilt doesn’t work, and I’m really not a mean person anyways. I’m trying to convince my parents not to buy a plasma tv as well, and I can see the pain in my mother’s eyes, because I don’t really think she gives a sh*t about big tv’s but she doesn’t want to crush her husband’s happiness. They know all the energy specs, but like other consumers, they’re more concerned with value and quality for their money than energy efficiency, no matter what the monetary savings on their electricity bill might be.

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