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Saturday, August 15th, 2009


Reflecting back

2006 has been something of a grim year in many respects, but if nothing else perhaps it will be remembered as the year that climate change finally landed in the media and became a topic of discussion for many people. While doubters still linger and the bickering continues, gradually things seem to be shifting away from the “is it real” argument and toward the “what do we do about it” argument. There is still lots to be worried about, but it’s a start. The steady rise of the climate changeRead More

Making the Change through Art and Culture

Related to my post from yesterday, and the idea that some people have turned away from the ecological problems we face, preferring to live in the moment, I’ve been meaning to talk more about the current state of the “public consciousness” so to speak. It seems to me, that even in this “turning away” there is a potentially very positive force, even if it’s not an active drive towards solutions. Getting people to realize how the world works and how that functioning and those processes diminish our quality of lifeRead More